Nim Him Sewwa නිම් හිම් සෙව්වා

Composed By: Nimal Mendis  | Performed By: Kalana De Silva  | 

Nim Him (Sinhala: නිම් හිම්) is a 2020 Sri Lankan Sinhala romantic drama film directed by Mitchell Fonseka and co-produced by director himself with Saman Dharmawansha, Gayan Gunawardana, Pradeep Herath, Indika Madawala and Prince Wickramanayake for Ama Films and Alankara Films. It stars Gangu Roshana and Milinda Madugalle in lead roles along with Janak Premalal and Kumari Munasinghe. Music composed by Sarath Wickrama. This has a clearly dined melody and this tune is arguably one of the most popular songs ever in Sri Lanka. This arrangement for classical guitar ( Solo guitar) is quite challenging due to long starched notes in the bass and the melody. To define the melody from the accompaniment. it's important to play the accompaniment quieter. Projecting the melody could be quite challenging for a beginner or intermediate student.

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